The existing gaelscoil was housed within an assortment of mobile units. In 2009, the school achieved capital status and gained approval to construct a new build 3 base school with associated provision. Land was sourced within the immediate context, the former training area for the adjacent GAA pitch. The site was flat and rectilinear, bounded to one side by a 3m high grass bank to the pitch, with a 2.1m high fence flanking the other, which offers panoramic views beyond to as far away as Scotland to the north.
Our concept based on the five design principles: ‘robustness and permanency’, ‘inside and outside’, ‘courtyard and garden’, ‘views and expansion’, ‘light and identity’ was developed through an ‘active learning’ approach. The design is articulated as two linear elements fused along a modulated central corridor, integrating and adopting all parts of the school to benefit the expanding student body.  These two functional elements are clearly distinct upon approach, with variance in each roof scale denoting the importance of the function inside. The building attempts to use a simple form and traditional building techniques to provide an inspiring learning environment.