ARdMackel is a creative enterprise that uses the complex terrain of cultural complexity, character and place to enliven the relations of architectural form and to ennoble the human condition.

By developing a high point of engagement ARdMackel aims to establish the common ground that enables multiple perspectives to be understood and used: a beacon that alerts all backgrounds and skillsets to the principle that their views are the mortar which bind place and space.

Housing, workplaces and urban infrastructure – the built framework of peoples’ daily lives – is the core interest of the studio. In exploring their emotional energy ARdMackel seeks a re-validation for the role of architecture – one that uses knowledge, empathy and innovation to advance a deeper sensitivity for people and progress for society.

ARdMackel is led by the established and award-winning architect Ciaran Mackel.  The design oriented architectural studio embeds the continuum that is politics, culture, economics and history within the contemporary development agenda of sustainability, civic society and neighbourhood renewal.  Core is the belief that client and community, engagement and participation are the lifeblood of inspiring and relevant work.

The design process within the studio seeks to express how the brief and client requirement, the site and the pre-existing condition; the socio-economic and cultural situation can best be resolved through the architecture itself.

The final component of the studio is a research arm that considers urban proposals influencing the public domain, whilst also giving expression to its own urban ideas. In generating further public debate and engagement ARdMackel seeks to explore the friction of architecture as both community expression and as personal vocation.

(Ard the Irish word for height; top; high; tall; loud; ambitious; excellent; noble or advanced is a metaphor for the ambitions and aspirations of the company.)